Teaching Yoga In Other Countries

It is very common to find traveling yoga teachers. Some teachers teach in several different countries within the span of just a year. If you are like me, you may wonder how it is possible. I have come up with some tips based on my personal experiences and what I’ve seen other fantastic yoga teachers accomplish.

First, it is helpful to complete a yoga teacher training in another country. It does not necessarily have to be a 200 hour, or an intensive course. It can just be a short retreat. However, it is most likely to be helpful if it is a long intensive course. That is because it allows you to connect with the community where you are, the people you are training with, the people leading the training, and you learn so much more. A lot of the time, the people leading these training are commonly travelers or have yoga training in other parts of the world. In my yoga teacher training, my teachers were established in several different countries. I was able to stay connected, complete online training, and learn about yoga in other parts of the world. I was also able to travel to a beautiful yoga shala in the Caribbean to complete an internship at another one of their locations. When teaching at this shala, many travelers, locals, and tourists visited my classes. I was able to attract a yoga subbing position in my home neighborhood when I met a fellow yoga teacher in one of my classes.

Additionally, international yoga teachers attract international students. For example, when I completed my yoga teacher training in Mexico, I made friends from not only Mexico but also Australia, United States, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, and Thailand. These people now teach yoga in other countries and have invited me to their homes. Through all of these connections, you can open the door to international opportunities. 

Lastly, it is essential to stay up to date with opportunities being offered online. Some websites offer full access for a small annual fee. These websites post international yoga trading opportunities. Some of these are trading yoga teaching for room and board, and some are paid opportunities. All the opportunities are in beautiful parts of the world and typically require a commitment of a few weeks. Some opportunities are permanent positions. 

Teaching yoga in other countries is also a great way to connect with nature, dive into your yoga practice, and work on your teaching skills. During my internship, I taught every day for weeks. It helped me become more confident and comfortable in teaching very quickly. Many people think it is very complicated to be a traveling yoga teacher. With some support from your connections and some research, it doesn’t have to be! I was able to do it with my small dog in tow. She even came to some classes with me! It is a great idea to consider the richness and abundance that teaching yoga in other countries can bring.

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